As I neared my forties I was becoming increasingly disillusioned with government. My whole life I had seen nothing but its failures in solving the problems that surrounded me. Yet, along with my peers I was supposed to continue to believe it was the answer to all our social ills–if only it was correctly applied.

For me anarchy was always something I thought was associated with chaos. But like most things that go unexplored, the depths of what it had to offer was only unseen, and only by exploring those depths could the full picture emerge.

It all started with a search for astro-theology related info on YouTube. I’d been studying astrology, numerology, and the occult my entire adult life and I was searching for ways to explain how these things had led to the construction of the religions that our global society hold dear. During this search, I came across a YouTube channel called Mark Passio. My life would never be the same.

Anarchy had come to life and I had realized that I knew nothing about it. I also learned a lot about natural law which ties directly to anarchy. All anarchy means is no rulers. It simply illustrates that no one has the right to steal. This is precisely what government does. Government steals by coercion and thus creates slaves of us all. We allocate our responsibility to deal with those who are problems to a group of masters. In doing so we corrupt our entire society.

This post is not about arguing why anarchy is the solution to our social ills. it is merely to get you to question whether or not you have looked into it deep enough to discount it. I am going to offer a couple resources for you to do so. Let me know what you think.

Thank you.



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