I joined some fellow creators in a project where we have daily prompts on Discord to spur a daily creative endeavor. Here’s a link to the server and what I created my first five days.

WeCreateNow Discord Server

Untitled 1

The splashing sea

Within you and me

Hits the earth with such force

That a course is set

With no direction

But unimaginable



Untitled 2

The moon bakes my happy head

And the cheerleaders

Power through their chorus

I hear a bright voice inside the depth

And now I know why happiness exists


Untitled 3

A punchy little vacation

On the Happiness Express

Zooms in like merriment

Honking Beep Beep

The driver is a clown

Who’s been around

The world of threes



Beep Beep


Untitled 4

Deep in the heart of blue

A song is strum

Echoing in the waves

Plunging into shadows

Where gigantic love

Calls endlessly


Instagram Video Post: Ditty for WeCreateNow on Discord Instagram Post


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