Big Trucks

When I enter big trucks
& I look at My students
I am proud

I don’t want to leave them
I don’t want to admit
That my Ego is stroked
When they learn something from Me
But I know why I help them
It feels good to be in demand
It feels great to chisel
At a problem like a sculptor
Seeing the end result
Before it manifests
In My students

I want to continue, but the pay sucks
It sucks at my Ego
Because I am being taken advantage of
Because my Employers know
That I like teaching
They use my desire like a pen
They write My ticket
And underpay me
Because I am transparent

They see the buzz I get
From My students’ success
And they plug the top hole with a cork
But now, I am fizzing
I’ve hidden my agenda in subtle notes
But I’ve been jostling Myself
On endless possibilities &
I’m ready to push upward
I’m ready to be poured into glass
That is not beveled at the top.

SJM, February 20th, 2023

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