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So far, I’m yet to drink a wine that I haven’t liked from this site. Granted, I’ve only had three of the numerous bottles I placed on my first order, but so far I am impressed. There are a lot of discounts and special offers on the site. Perhaps my favorite part is that it is set up similar to social media where you can interact with the people that are handcrafting their wines, as well as other people who have a love for wine. I definitely have that love. As my grandpa tells me quite often, “Hungarians are wine drinkers”. Follow my invite to interact with me on the site and place an order to see why I am so excited about this for yourself. If my experience with this company continues to impress me I’m going to become an affiliate.

Untitled 14


of me

  my sweet one

i carry you around with me always

as a piece of myself

as a thought

as the green grass growing

multiplying, spreading

as a bit that can not be forgotten

as an hour after waking

during coffee

as a bright beam of sunlight

cutting through the clouds

you’re a piece of me

a friend i can talk to when alone

an understanding

a book

  referenced, marked


  memorized, known


i breathe you as a meditation

i taste you as a fine wine

i possess you as i posses my blood

you are mine

you are mine



I joined some fellow creators in a project where we have daily prompts on Discord to spur a daily creative endeavor. Here’s a link to the server and what I created my first five days.

WeCreateNow Discord Server

Untitled 1

The splashing sea

Within you and me

Hits the earth with such force

That a course is set

With no direction

But unimaginable



Untitled 2

The moon bakes my happy head

And the cheerleaders

Power through their chorus

I hear a bright voice inside the depth

And now I know why happiness exists


Untitled 3

A punchy little vacation

On the Happiness Express

Zooms in like merriment

Honking Beep Beep

The driver is a clown

Who’s been around

The world of threes



Beep Beep


Untitled 4

Deep in the heart of blue

A song is strum

Echoing in the waves

Plunging into shadows

Where gigantic love

Calls endlessly


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