‘Lambs Of War’ Featured In A Collection Of Stories From AuthorWorld Connect

At the beginning of the year I submitted a short story for publication in an anthology. It was accepted and is now available for purchase on Amazon.

I’m going to be submitting some poetry for the next anthology. This publication is being produced by a collective group of authors that you can connect with at AuthorWorld Connect. Submit your poetry or short stories for consideration in Book Two.

energy bed

electrons sizzle and crackle
  in the spent out beds of my pockets
dynamos of pottables
decisions, decisions

and nighttime
when the moon is my friend
  i back my guitar into a
  softened kiss

speaking, but not singing
feeling all the while

and outside
on my street
a quiet repeat

Stephen Martin, 4/15/2021

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The Long Man

The long man can not follow me
I’ve led him off the path.
He’s busy guiding fools
To humbly wear a mask
He’s using all his tools
Formulating tasks
But the long man can not follow me
I don’t rely on “facts”.

The long man’s lost my scent again
He had it for a while.
His tapestry had tempted me
So I marked it at the mile
He piped a tune I found quite nice
As I listened in the meadow
But the long man lost my scent again
When he picked up on my fellow.

The long man is a busy guy
He’s got a lot of cattle.
He laughs a lot and scoffs a lot
At all the mindless prattle
He’s busy sorting fools in groups
It is a constant battle
So the long man’s lost my scent again
He’ll wait for sheep to tattle
Yes, the long man’s lost my scent again
But he hears the faintest rattle.

Stephen Martin, 4/4/2021

Daffodils And Children: Poem By Stephen Martin

Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

Daffodils And Children

The end of all the chatter starts
With lines of daffodils.
And breaks upon a patterned step
Beneath the window sills.
The light of spring brings yellow bloom
To wake palatial spread.
The melancholy winter has been
Firmly laid to bed.

Bikes and things are dusted off
And taken into view.
Children with their wild mops
Are sprouting legs of blue.
Play time sings her song again
As the world awakes to cheer.
Eyes are popping at the seams
With every brightened spear.

Moms and dads remember when
They were small and new.
Boys and girls with apetites
Unfettered through and through.
Life is there for all to touch
And kiss the lips so cherry.
Each soul feels the stirring such
That each soul will be merry!

Stephen Martin, 3/2/2021

The Hesitation

If I stop to wonder
  at the light flowing cat
  peeking corners
star stabbed with anticipation,

then I must refuse;
over powered by soft banes
  cloistered in ineptitude.

Instead I will dream
candelabras of jellyfish
  jars of delight
shining orange in the night

And you—
the cyclical killer of fun
  can lambaste my jargon
  ripping shreds
making me weep my dreams
                        into pillows of smoke.

Stephen Martin, 3/31/2021

I don’t want that

Great escape
An ape to blame
The same...the same
Don’t sink the flame
To overlook
The book...the book
A manuscript of sip to sip
And drip to drip
That strips the grip
Of blips and dips
Of comicstrips and cripts with whips
Of birthed ships
That spit the shit
And never quit
Or order up
And fill your cup
With coffied brine
To top the shine
Upon the line...upon the line
Don’t grieve
The sieve
Inside your sleeve
Up end the bend
In brains of red
And look around...look around
The muffled gotcha
Will soon be flotsam
If belief forms decrees
And puts them on their knees
But I don’t want that... I don’t want that.

Stephen Martin, 3/28/2021

If we will let it be

I see a world where love reigns all,

It’s not too hard to see.

Everywhere my eyes are cast,

I find a new beauty.

Human nature is universal,

Hidden from ourselves.

In children we can see its print,

We see pure love in cast.

So is it lost?

I dare say no!

It’s just that we don’t see,

But heaven is inside us all,

If we will let it be.

Stephen Martin, 3/1/2021

As I sit with you for days

As I watch you grow old and fail
On the precipice of death,
Your eyes so bright like a child of night
Your spirit making waves,
You talk of graves and longing thus
Restless but not afraid,
I feel your will with the words you thrust
As I sit with you for days
As I sit with you for days…

Stephen Martin, 3/1/2021


I joined some fellow creators in a project where we have daily prompts on Discord to spur a daily creative endeavor. Here’s a link to the server and what I created my first five days.

WeCreateNow Discord Server

Untitled 1

The splashing sea

Within you and me

Hits the earth with such force

That a course is set

With no direction

But unimaginable



Untitled 2

The moon bakes my happy head

And the cheerleaders

Power through their chorus

I hear a bright voice inside the depth

And now I know why happiness exists


Untitled 3

A punchy little vacation

On the Happiness Express

Zooms in like merriment

Honking Beep Beep

The driver is a clown

Who’s been around

The world of threes



Beep Beep


Untitled 4

Deep in the heart of blue

A song is strum

Echoing in the waves

Plunging into shadows

Where gigantic love

Calls endlessly


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