If we will let it be

I see a world where love reigns all,

It’s not too hard to see.

Everywhere my eyes are cast,

I find a new beauty.

Human nature is universal,

Hidden from ourselves.

In children we can see its print,

We see pure love in cast.

So is it lost?

I dare say no!

It’s just that we don’t see,

But heaven is inside us all,

If we will let it be.

Stephen Martin, 3/1/2021

As I sit with you for days

As I watch you grow old and fail
On the precipice of death,
Your eyes so bright like a child of night
Your spirit making waves,
You talk of graves and longing thus
Restless but not afraid,
I feel your will with the words you thrust
As I sit with you for days
As I sit with you for days…

Stephen Martin, 3/1/2021