Why Blue Dragon Blog?

The dragon has always been a strong totem in my life. Dragons have deep subconscious ties to my childhood. One of my earliest movie watching experiences was Pete’s Dragon. The intamacy of Eliot and his dragon were not lost on my child heart. Later, I was introduced to the darker side of dragon lore when I watched the classic animated Hobbit film. As a young boy I read a fairy tale of an axeman chopping a Wurm to pieces, and dragon folklore began to imbed its iconic imagery into my spongelike mind. Dragons intrigued me.

I don’t have a bunch of pictures of dragons in my house, nor do they emblazon my clothing, and I have never really delved into the depths of dragon lore–although if you are looking for a good fantasy series featuring dragons, I do have a favorite in Robin Hobb’s The Rain Wild Chronicles–but dragons play an important part in my spiritual life.

A dragon symbolizes perhaps the most significant astrological placements in a natal chart. It symbolizes the soul’s karmic and evolutionary journey as an eternal spirit. In vedic astrology these placements are called Rahu and Ketu, or the head and tail of the dragon.

Rahu (the head) corresponds to the placement of the North Node of the moon in Western astrology. Whereas, Ketu signifies the tail of the dragon and the South Node of the moon. Karmically these placements show the soul where they have mastered aspects of the human experience, and where they lack development. The head of the dragon is supposed to be going toward development, while the tail moves beyond the sanctuary of lessons learned.

The motion is forward. I too am moving forward and I believe this ancient symbolism fits perfectly with my intention in creating this blog. I am endeavoring to express my North Node of Virgo as I leave behind the mastery of my Pisces South Node’s comfort zone. It’s time for me to become disciplined in my creative endeavors.

So then, why a blue dragon? Well, first off, my favorite color is blue. Secondly, the color blue resonates with a particular energy that I am calling upon to aid me in manifesting the visions nested in my heart. On the Kabbalah Tree of Life the position of Chesed–which means mercy–is signified by the color blue. For me, I feel the color blue as a uniting energy and an enlightenment frequency. So, I think a blue dragon perfectly aligns with my mission to utilize my creative gifts to help humanity evolve beyound our current condition of slavery.

By doing the uncomfortable work of aligning my functioning life patterns with the sign of Virgo, I will be better suited to help others ascend. This is my purpose. To live in a perfected manner. Not to put unhealthy substances into my mind and body. To learn to accept routines as an aid and not a hindrance.

Check out where your north node is in your natal chart to figure out how to better align to your life’s purpose. If you need assistance in interpreting your astrology reach out via my email for pricing or trade. If you do not have the resources to transact by compensating me for my work, reach out anyways, as I do work without the benefit of gain for those in need.

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